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Literary Lust

In Poetry on February 21, 2009 at 11:23 pm

Long, slender fingers tap tap tapping on an old, dusty typewriter
Abstract ideas coalesce into a moist and shameful longing
Each sentence is an invitation typeset in desire
Expertly punctuated with a heavy sigh

Held at the cusp of your narrative arc
Caressing every letter while each syllable caresses me in turn
Seductive metaphors that taunt and delight
And commas set for a brief pause, in all the right places

Paragraph by paragraph washes over me
In lasciviously lapping waves of page after page
A gushing stream of invisible thoughts connects us
Until finally, the whole of your composition erupts in orgasmic prose within me

• Originally published on Down In Me in July 2007.

Ani Smith. Editor of PIFFLE. Writer of Down In Me and Fuguestate. Fuck-up extraordinaire.

  1. nicely done ani
    great images here

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