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Character and Setting

In Fiction on March 5, 2009 at 4:00 pm

They leave a message. Well. Tommy has Tami call. She says hi Ty. Tommy wanted me to let you know that we’re doing another Poetry Explosion event in the spring and he’d like you to read. Right now we’re looking at two venues. One holds 300 people and the other 500. Either way the crowd should be more than decent.

I hear Tami ruffle papers. She goes So-and-So is reading that night. And Blah Blah from NYC confirmed yesterday. Plus Tommy’s also talking to [BEEN IN MOVIES] out in California who is originally from here and she might get involved.

Basically we think you’ll fit in perfectly with those people.

She sighs. Tami is hot. She’s like Italian or something but dyes her hair blonde. It totally works. Everyone hits on her. Check that. I never have. But in all honesty I sometimes fuck her in my mind when I’m touching myself.

Listen. I can’t go out for strange anymore. Like I can’t simply bump into someone somewhere and end up going home with her. I don’t know when or why this started but at this point in my life I’m physically unable. I know it sounds crazy but thoughts of germs and kissing and smells override my every desire.

My burnin burnin fires.

It’s sad. My fears totally lock me in my room a lot of the time.

Only the Internet ok.

I can only masturbate to the Internet.

Tami clears her throat. She goes all right I think that’s about it. A few seconds pass. Then she goes

Oh. Jeez. I almost forgot. All poets and writers will be paid but we’re asking that you keep in mind this is a benefit to keep [NAME OF SOME BLDG.] free from demolition.

She goes it’s like the greatest bldg. ever and we can’t let them take it down in the name of gentrification ok.

Oh and the drinks will be free.

After that my voicemail cuts off.

I go am I supposed to call her back or what. A girl from the university is watching tv on my couch. Her body is long and thin. She looks at me and goes call who back baby?

The girl is holding the tv remote. She mutes the sound. Her blue eyes shine even in the semi-darkness.

I go some people that want me to entertain 3-5 hundred people for peanuts. Well. For a cause. But there is always a cause I suppose.

Yeah she says. There’s always a cause.

After that I put the phone down. They want me to read in the spring keeps running through my mind. The girl is long and laying on her back. She has that look on her face. She opens her mouth a little and shows me the tip of her tongue.

You know her I tell myself. It’s ok. You’ve been over every part of her body. This. Girl. Is. Clean.

I count to three in my head. Then I exhale slowly.

Go take a shower I tell her. And make sure you use lots of soap.

Tyrell Augustus Bluesmith III writes some crazy ass shit at Internet Addiction Word Therapy and PIFFLE. He likes to fuck robots in his spare time. He has two degrees but remains unable to repay his student loans. Mostly he’s a broke mack but lots of girls like his writing so the poverty totally doesn’t bother him all that much.

  1. Always exhale slowly.

    Nice job.

  2. Ok. So I have a really generic way of showing breaks in dialogue. You didn’t have to let everyone in on that shit. And thanks.

  3. All my Piffle homies showin the love:)

  4. I think if I was asked to read in front of a grand total of 800 people, the explosion wouldn’t be of poetry. It would be far, far more embarrassing than that.

    I think I just lowered the tone. Apologies.

  5. I’m somewhat used to talking to large groups thanks to corporate life but it was nice to read about your stomach problems anyway.

  6. nicely done, where are you reading? i’d like to travel and read my poems, mainly because i am a drunk narcissist

  7. I’m not sure yet Thom. They haven’t gotten back. I asked for two grand.

    Just kidding. But I wish I did.

  8. a lot of girls find my writing unbearable, so consider yourself lucky, however a lot of women like my writing like none of my ex-girlfriends

  9. I like how you set it with just a tv, a phone, a couch. Simple and evocative simultaneous.

    I’m a drunk narcissist, too, so if anyone’s going on tour I’m in.

  10. Ani my apartment is tiny. That stuff is all I own. As far as touring goes I think y’all should hook up and have a barnstormer.

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