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Fucked Word Things

In Poetry on May 26, 2009 at 12:37 pm

fucked words things
words, fucking each other
words fucking themselves
words looking at other words, thinking about fucking them
words thinking about other words while fucking themselves
words thinking about other words fucking themselves
words fucking other words for cash
words fucking other words as a means of avoiding existential despair
words using each other for sex
words using other words as a means to an end
words feeling alienated
words misunderstanding one another
words avoiding eye contact with other words
words experiencing identity crises
words being afraid of intimacy
words having sex with other words without their consent
words eavesdropping on other words
words intentionally destroying the lives of other words
words indulging in rape fantasies
words feeling confused about their sexual orientation
words feeling bitter about past experience involving other words
words inducing lacunar amnesia as a means of forgetting one another
words experiencing consequences of widespread economic recession
words being exploited by other words
words having sex in public places for fun
words willing to do almost anything for attention
words arranging other words into sentences
words utilizing nom de plumes
words experiencing déjà vu
words, failing at life
words watching hardcore pornography
words feeling existentially fucked
words contemplating suicide
words pursuing a career in botany
words researching the origin of other words
words attempting to seduce other words with words
words creating weapons of mass destruction
words experiencing meaninglessness
words abandoning all hope
words sexually arousing themselves for no particular reason
words writing novels about nothing
words adhering to strict organic raw vegan diet
words asking other words for their phone number
words going to dinner and a movie with other words
words attempting to gain access to other words’ genitalia
words inserting parts of their bodies into parts of other words’ bodies
words attending art school
words practicing self-injury
words taking pictures of themselves
words looking at paintings on a wall somewhere
words driving cars while listening to instrumental music
words thinking in terms of abstractions
words borrowing money from other words in order to achieve goals
words having sex with inanimate objects
words being arrested for shoplifting
words causing other words’ lives to stop happening
words being involuntarily hospitalized
words experiencing severe depression
words becoming emotionally dependent upon other words
words practicing coitus interruptus
words refusing to wear condoms
words defying the laws of gravity
words watching reality television
words questioning the scientific validity of evolution
words thinking of other, perhaps mythical words in a whimsical, wishful way,
words being struck by lightning
words giving birth to other words
words quietly admiring other words from afar
words becoming obsessed with other words
words wondering if they will ever be loved and adored by another word for the rest of their life
words pelvic thrusting into other words
words having words permanently tattooed on their body
words demystifying themselves
words feeling detached from reality
words being sued for copyright infringement
words empathizing with other words
words being pursued by a bear
words practicing erotic asphyxiation
words not responding to messages from other words
words using other words as safewords within the context of a bondage scenario
words engaging in total war
words writing obituaries about other words
words reading horoscopes
words feeling unable to love one another
words choosing to dislike one another for arbitrary reasons
words attempting to predict weather patterns
words experiencing unrequited love
words achieving multiple orgasms
words recording themselves fucking each other
words experimenting with group sex
words performing exorcisms
words becoming acquainted with one another
words writing poems about other words
words performing oral sex upon one another
words imagining other words naked
words practicing involuntary celibacy
words experiencing internet addiction
words losing their sense of perspective
words experiencing profound loss, crippling anxiety, grief, trauma, futility, fascism, communism, socialism, greed, corruption, conspiracy, extinction
words creating genetically modified organisms
words impersonating other words
words experiencing vertebral subluxation
words writing graffiti
words, being happy
words experiencing the consequences of neglect, celebrity, fame, power, immense wealth, extreme violence
words drinking coffee
words interviewing one another
words being awarded scholarships
words not paying income taxes
words being paid to kill other words
words counting calories
words feeling ugly
words needing medical attention
words yearning for other words on the other side of the world
words feeling nostalgia
words prevailing in the midst of adversity
words making origami cranes
words doing laundry
words writing epic poems
words practicing satanic ritual abuse
words casting spells upon other words
words falling in love with one another
words competing for supremacy
words undergoing hypnosis
words feeling unable to finish a poem
words finishing a poem anyway

Ryan Manning talks to strangers.

  1. words liking this poem.

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