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Best of the Web

In Bloc business on October 20, 2009 at 9:40 am

Writers’ Bloc is proud to announce its nominations for this year’s Dzanc Books Best of the Web.

First, however, I feel that I should take a moment to clarify—perhaps only for the sake of avoiding legal action from aggrieved LOLcats sites and Japanese Manga filth portals—that this isn’t the Best of the Entire Web. No, that would be a ridiculous and foolhardy enterprise. Rather, it is the Best of the Online Literary Journal Web. Yes. Which isn’t the Entire Web, but is certainly a substantial section of it. Though I couldn’t give you a precise percentage. Obviously not.

Or maybe I’m just thinking about this all too much. I’m currently very unused to writing, you see. Even the act of trying to clarify thoughts makes my head hurt. Look at the pretty flowers. Pull yourself together. You’re supposed to be an editor. Edit yourself before you say something you might regret.

So without further ado, the lucky winners—though you’re all winners to me, and even these winners aren’t actually winners but are still only nominees (okay, I really am over-clarifying now)—are:

I recommend reading this trio of pieces again, just to refresh your memory of them. But then, I also recommend re-reading the entire archives. I’m biased like that.

Thanks to all the contributors who have appeared on these pages since Writers’ Bloc quietly slipped onto the net back in February. You made it very difficult to choose just three nominees.