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These are my pictures

In Process on January 6, 2010 at 10:00 pm

These are my pictures:

.     …  ,,;;,>;)(8(..
.     _===-0

     h h h nnno    5ruouuuuupowpiuu – with each tap I get a perfect note. Each impulse results in another perfect character.

Each line and

controlled by my whim. punctuation is, mine;     Me controls

                                    This canvas has deftly been stretched and stapled. So lovingly did I set my, scene:. This blank page has every novel already written pressed inside it (hanging over it).


of history is mine to p  l  a  y with. No doubt I will squander this honour, I expect I shall bypass this privilege  .  .  .

                                                                          )it’s because I like the tapping
so much(

(it’s because I like that I know where the lety=ters are)

.  .  . I’ll probably just spend my time doing


    iofhiofdh iofdihjgd kgfdhkhiuehlfsoldigfv flsdjhjkfgdhb dl’

gihgufhjkgfd k;gfd
fu ogfiug’
gfuigfdu gfd’i
(like when I was a child and used to pretend I worked in an office.)

Lydia Unsworth is 27, and from Manchester. She studied art, but liked writing about it better. She often runs away to foreign countries, gets disillusioned and comes home again. She is currently studying Maths, which is probably a reaction against something. She writes at Getting Over the Moon.

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