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Three poems

In Poetry on January 18, 2010 at 10:00 pm

iLove Letters

when you
play with the pearl
of my earlobe
on the tip
of your tongue
it’s like a ninja move
you render me helpless
as if i’ve forgotten
how to breathe
and i’m in fear
of coming apart
as you kiss
my belly undo
the button
on my jeans and let
the zip un-tooth
just a little bit
whilst you talk
in tapestries
about a summer sweet perfume
woven with sunshine promises
but come on boy
who you kidding
it’s bubble bath
and fabric softener
i can’t see the future
but i can read your mind
as your tongue writes
using my belly button
to dot the
so in the interest
of free speech
finish your sentence
make it an essay
make it a book
oh my god just write
don’t talk



i         flirt shamelessly
you    flirt outrageously
we     seem destined to fall into bed
he     (my boyfriend) – uses foul language
                  in aggressive tones to tell me
                  what a bad girl i am
she    (your girlfriend) – keeps giving me the evil eye
they   will be history
us      meant to be



when i was a little girl
i played with my barbie
and barbie played with little ted
until it was time for bed
dear reader
those grubby thoughts
are so out of order
there must be a cesspit
in your head
then barbie got boring
and so i started
to play with boys
dear reader
don’t read too much into this
i wasn’t that sort of girl
yes i would let boys play
with my tiny breasts
in a doctor and nurse scenario
and we would share a little kiss
in a mummy and daddy play
that’s all there was to it
then …
a few years further on
i play to wicked tunes
in pubs and clubs
a little drink a little late night love
dabble in some happytime drugs
meet faces
dancefloor romances
some touch my heart
and some days i play with clouds
and some days i weep when the morning breaks
dear reader
please don’t get the wrong idea
i’m just a girl
out to have fun
instead of being too serious
well little ted and barbie
ran off together years ago
so now i write and play with words
and for the page
i undress
reveal my loves the bodies i’ve craved
the shoes i’ve desired
the life so far that i have lived
dear reader
do not fret
i can handle this

Writing under the name of iDrew to co-ordinate with her titles, Essex girl Drew has previously been published in various magazines, such as The Delinquent, Ozone Park, All Things Girl, and the Read This Skin Deep Anthology. She enjoys shopping, boys and clubs, but claims these are all merely research for her writing. She is also one of the founding members of the Clueless Collective.

  1. Clueless Collective tickles my girlie parts in the best way.

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