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Lessons from a week of handwriting

In Process on February 3, 2010 at 10:00 pm

Scribble scratch a swiggle sways and loo



       ps down under


the graph paper my pen





                                   finding intuition

to be a most gallant enemy.

The letters slanted


into stylistic neologisms
and I scribble out another word.

Try, again





with the pen



              into my forefinger


              with my mind to say,

       “Curve this way again and again we can swoop and fly free through the lines!”

The blue ink flows in


                                                                      bled brighter

than I intended dotting the i and is that a t?

An ever careless caress
of the intoxicating




triad leaves me



& fro

       for moments


       & soon
       uncertain of my place on the paper.





I can review my writings
to decipher plain text code
a cursive conundrum waits on each line
I print in fine points below each word
indeterminate the word
I expect to become
in its place or perhaps a prediction
of my thought process before.

Jason Spidle, former denizen of the corporacracy in the field of market research, current unemployed freelance writer, alwayss purveyor of, lives in Columbia, SC.