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Amended Price List

In Process on May 4, 2010 at 9:34 pm


Framed, personally autographed copy of any previously published poem by the poet on acid free paper. Size A4. Upgrade 39 B3. With photo. 49.


Commemorative ceramic beer mug with the poet’s portrait together with two lines from his work as selected by you. Upgrade – up to eight lines. 25.


Carton of beer SCREAMING BUTTERFLY with a nude picture of poet chopping at an ice pond. Twist top caps feature memorable quotes from the poet’s early stuff (24 x 375ml @ 5%).


T-shirt S/M/L/XL/XXL with complete poems printed on the front.
Choose from one or more of the following best selling classics:

  • A Canoe Full of Moosemeat
  • My Baby Got Herpes from a Shopping Trolley
  • The Lost Testicle
  • The Fat-O-Gram Artist
  • Zoloft, Thrombolysis, Dostoyevsky & Me
  • Man Arrested Over 300 Dead Cats in Freezers

Upgrade to a poem of your choice by the poet. 39. With picture 49.


CD of poet discussing / attempting to explain his work with MFA students from the University of Illawarra. Topics closely examined include: How to Avoid Repaying Your HECS Debt, Appropriation: Why Risk Originality?, Reflexivity, Prolixity & Other Investigations into the Prolapse of Meaning in Poetry. He also reads his poems ‘How to Piss With a Hard-On’, ‘The Observation of Ass in Shopping Malls’, ‘More Reasons For Not Writing Poetry’ and ‘My Five-Year-Old Could Have Written This Shit’ (87m).


DVD produced by POETICA Media. Remastered gigs including early open-mic performances at Redfern Earth Space and as principal poet for the Kingsford Literary & Jerk-Off Society. Other clips include a fist fight at the NSW Writers’ Festival and surprise guest appearances at the NSW Railway Institute and elsewhere (93m).

Prices subject to change. 10% GST applies. Overseas orders add 15 for postage & handling.

G.D. Anderson lives in North Wollongong, Australia. He blogs at