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In Fiction on June 8, 2010 at 10:00 pm

Lately he wanted to write about love, its joys and desperation, emotions real enough to make readers wince.

At dinner he tried explaining that to his wife. She leaned toward him. “I prefer my honesty one on one. You write because it’s safer.” Unblinking, her eyes began to glisten.

“Yes,” he said carefully. “It’s safer.”

Barry Basden writes mostly short pieces, some published, some not.
He edits Camroc Press Review.

  1. Truth sometimes is easier without conflict.

  2. what a perfect comment from the wife.
    & the husband’s “honesty” at the end works so well
    echoing the wife’s.

    i like the distance between the two, reminding me
    of dorothy parker.

    thanks for the wonderful read!

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