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Writers’ Bloc is an insufferably pretentious idea and a terrible pun.

Writers’ Bloc is a place for writing in a creative way about writing, whether directly or tangentially.

Writers’ Bloc appreciates that such an idea is akin to dancing about architecture or singing Chinese opera about nuclear physics, but in truth we know that writers do occasionally like discussing what they do. Even if they’re highly embarrassed to be doing so.

Writers’ Bloc is for people who aren’t professional writers. Who don’t get paid for it. They might like to get paid for it one day, maybe. But most of all, they just want to write.

Writers’ Bloc is for people who have to try and squeeze writing in between the demands that life throws at them, but somehow still manage to find the time for it. Or if they fail to do so, they hate that very fact.

Writers’ Bloc is for people who occasionally feel the urge to stand up in the middle of their place of work and proclaim “I am a writer”, but don’t. Obviously. Because they would be laughed at, and then told that they have an hour to finish that report.

Writers’ Bloc is for people who aren’t likely to be interviewed in the near future by an underground literary scene-zine, a respected arts publication or a glossy Sunday supplement, and asked about their literary style, their formative influences or their favourite place to write.

Writers’ Bloc is for people who want to come out of the closet and admit that one of their greatest loves is putting their creative thoughts into words. And that when they fall out of love, they miss it.

Writers’ Bloc is for people who recognise that the internet provides a wealth of opportunities and formats to indulge their passion for writing, yet who still feel that discussing what they do is going a step too far.

Writers’ Bloc is not just about having writer’s block, despite the title of this site. That would make for a very short-lived enterprise.

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