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PLEASE NOTE: Submissions to Writers’ Bloc are CLOSED.
Information on this page is for historical purposes only.
New content is no longer being published. Details here.
Thanks for your interest, and sorry for any inconvenience

Writers’ Bloc welcomes – and indeed encourages – your submissions in any medium:

  • Writing – fact or fiction, poetry or prose, serious or humorous, long or short;
  • Photography – colour or black and white, concrete or abstract;
  • Graphics – drawn or designed, naive or experimental;
  • Video – preferably hosted on a video-sharing site;
  • Links – relevant sites, articles or quotes from around the web;
  • Anything else – we’re open to suggestions, though we draw the line at expressive mime.

Whatever you send, the one absolute constant MUST be that it either directly or obliquely concerns the art, artifice or grimy and unpleasant reality of putting pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, marker pen to public convenience wall … well, you get the idea. If you’re not sure about your subject, or want to discuss it further, we welcome correspondence – and what’s more, we’ll answer it too.

(And just a note here to preserve the editor’s sanity. If you don’t observe the above requirement – most likely because you haven’t even bothered to read these guidelines and taken a moment to grasp what the site is about – then you will open yourself to ridicule, finger-pointing and small children laughing behind your back.)

Formatting and sending

Please email your submissions to editor at writers hyphen bloc dot net, enclosing the text in the body of the message rather than as an attachment. Please add a short biog, written in the third person, including a relevant URL to any presence elsewhere on the web (because all publicity is good publicity, though we can’t promise you a deluge of visitors). No profile photos please, as they’re bothersome to the minimalism and clean lines of these pages.

Previously published work

With a title like Writers’ Bloc – even though it’s a dreadful pun on suffering from a lack of inspiration – it would be mean-spirited to insist that your work should not have appeared anywhere else online or in print before you submit it to us. We don’t care about that, and in fact we tend to sigh wearily when we see that rule in literary magazines, especially if they’re all about ‘discovering the best new writing’. All we ask is that you have retained the original copyright, since we don’t want to tread on anyone’s toes.

If it’s a new piece, however, we’d be very grateful if you didn’t immediately publish it on your own or any other site, but instead allowed it to appear on Writers’ Bloc first in order to encourage visitors. Mercenary? Yes, of course, but we’re very new and we want the attention all to ourselves. Such a pathetic human need.


No, we don’t pay anything for submissions. That would be crazy.


All rights to a piece of work remain with you, the author. Writers’ Bloc wouldn’t dream of taking it. If we did, we probably wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway, and would most likely end up losing it down the back of the sofa along with an ever-increasing number of mislaid Scrabble tiles.


You might be wondering if publishers are browsing this site, desperately hunting for the next big literary sensation. The Editor of Writers’ Bloc very much doubts it, and would like to gently advise you that he knows absolutely no one in ‘the publishing game’, nor does he have any contacts who are in the least bit influential in that field. Sorry. So if you’re submitting your work here in the desperate hope of being discovered, please think again. We would hate to disappoint you.

Is that it?

Yes. If we go on any longer, we won’t feel like writing anything. Oh. Damn.